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Desarrollos Científicos del Dr. Vejarano, Vejarano Delaminator System, KERATACX, Vejarano Diamond Knife

Scientific Developments Dr. Vejarano

Dr. Vejarano throughout his career he has dedicated part to the invention of new technologies that enable significant improvements in surgical outcomes of different pathologies.

These inventions have revolutionized not only surgical techniques but have also been recognized internationally for their achievements.

We present some of them:

Vejarano Delaminator System
An economic system of corneal delamination to treat Keratoconus, Myopia and Astigmatism. Designed to facilitate surgery, improve performance and prevent corneal perforations.

Dr. Vejarano in their constant search for giving the best to his patients he created that invention of a new corneal delamination system that can offer optimal results which were achieved with techniques that the market offered: Femtosecond, Intacs and Technical Manual Ferrara.

This new technology has revolutionized the treatment of keratoconus and not only improve the results, but will do so at low cost which popularized Keratoconus surgery.

The Vejarano Delaminator System has two types of sets:

1. Vejarano Delaminator Platinum Set

It was intended for those surgeons who do surgery intracorneal ring, using the manual technique and seek to improve their results. It is presented in its own case "next generation" sterile and easy to open.
It consists of:

  • Vejarano Dialer for Visual Axis

  • Corneal Marker 5.0 mm Vejarano

  • Pre-Corneal delaminator Vejarano

  • Spatula in "Y" Vejarano

  • Delaminadores of Vejarano: right and left

  • Automated vacuum system Vejarano

  • Vejarano Inserter

  • Vejarano Extractor

  • Forceps for Keratacx of Vejarano

  • Marker of 90 ° Vejarano.

2. Vejarano Delaminator Upgrade Set

It was designed and intended for those doctors who already have the complete set of Intacs and would improve their performance without making the total investment. The Vejarano Delaminator upgrade set supports all products Basic Set of Intacs and complement with 3 elements Delaminator Vejarano System that will allow the surgeon to improve their performance and implement intracorneal rings to 5 mm.
It consists of:

  • The two delaminadores

  • Marker Vejarano

  • Spatula in "Y" Vejarano

  • With these elements and you can turn your set intacs in Delaminator Vejarano System.

Easy To Use
Following the standard criteria of topography and pachymetry, the surgeon can use his own technique and nomogram to plan the surgery procedure or, for a small cost entering to patient information IMT's, where a team of experts can suggest and recommend size of the radius of the segment to be used as the location.

The Vejarano Delaminator System it is fully detailed with instructions that are adhere to surgical standards as keratoconus cornea surgery, myopia or astigmatism and corneal ectasia congenital or post undergoing refractive surgery.
Once the corneal visual axis is found, marks the axis of the cornea more curved according to the Topography. After using the corneal marker Vejarano 5.0 mm to design the incision site. The next step is to make the cut with diamond knife Vejarano to 75% of corneal thickness based on pachymetry. By using the diamond knife of Dr. Vejarano ensure an incision is accurate, precise and secure and facilitates pre-initial delamination corneal pocket.

Subsequently, the tissue is separated with the pre -delaminator of Vejarano. Once you have the small cavity knife is introduced in "Y" to Vejarano to begin to delaminate the pocket in both directions. Then place the Automated Vacuum System Vejarano around the cornea.

“V”- Glide System™ Vejarano

The "Secret" is the Patent Pending called "V-Glide System" Vejarano that maintains a constant and continuous suction. Once the disposable tube and insurance Leur are armed and connected to the vacuum cleaner, very gently place the instrument "V" Vejarano Glide around the surface of the cornea aligned with the original markers, press the low suction (50 mm Hg) or high suction (65 mm Hg). (Note: The amount of suction is indicated according to the surgeon's preference.) THE V-Glide Vejarano fixed ring around the cornea and maintains adequate suction. The digital display indicates both the amount of suction and the amount of time that the patient has achieved under suction maintain the patient's eye safety.

Create Tunnel Safely

The "V" Glide Vejarano System allows the surgeon to rotate smoothly and easily the Vejarano delaminator so that reducing the risk of corneal perforation ensuring the symmetry of the rings. Once the ring has been placed around the cornea, is chosen to be side by placing the spatula delaminate "Y" Vejarano and corresponding Vejarano delaminator of sliding under the knife in "Y" Vejarano. Carefully stir the spatula in "Y" Vejarano leaving only the edge of delaminator in the tunnel entrance. Then delaminator is rotated 180 degrees thereby creating the tunnel. subsequently Delaminator of Vejarano is removed from the tunnel.
Follow the same procedure for the other side and use the same technique. Turn the Vacuum of Vejarano making it easy to remove the "V" Glide System (suction ring) of the Vejarano of the cornea. Lubricate the cornea and obtain better visualization of the tunnel to facilitate the introduction of KERATACx ™, patent pending, the best corneal segments.

Superior results have been reportedResultados
Surgeons around the world reported that by using Vejarano KERATACX Delaminator System, their patients have not any experience of glare or flare commonly associated with implants in the cornea with old manual techniques. The KERATACX are designed to be comfortable and gentle on the eye. The doctors say: "For the first time my patients do not experience nights with some aberration or discomfort."

Easy to clean
Imperial Medical System packs the Delaminator Vejarano a sterile kit handy that allows the tray free from infections and easily meet the cleaning instructions of USFDA, CE and ISO. Imperial Medical warrants each system against faulty material or workmanship.

Titanium or Stainless Steel
Vejarano Delaminator System is manufactured using the best medical grade titanium or stainless steel. It is designed to never need repair. In case the delaminator of Vejarano bend, IMT free repair the unit except shipment.

Optional Parts
Additional parts as Vejarano delaminators of different sizes to implement different types of rings as Keratacx ™, Keratacx SP ™ & Keratacx V ™ and Vacuum System are available in Imperial Medical Technologies.

Imperial Medical offers multiple ring sizes for use depending on the diopter corneal topography and the patient has.

KERATACx Plus™ is the most popular segment, and corresponds to the size and directions of the rings and rings Kerarings Ferrara, with the advantage of not producing glare or flashes.

KERATACx™ provides a small but increases the visual area of the diopter correction.
You need to acquire the Vejarano Delaminator System designed for this type of rings and ensure appropriate radio.

KERATACx SP™ (super plus) offers a wider field of 5.8mm to 6.0mm visual. It also requires a special delaminator by Dr. Vejarano designed to ensure a suitable radius.

KERATACx V™ invented together with Dr. Vejarano is offering the largest field of view 6.8 mm to 7.0 mm. 4 segments are required. A special delaminator Vejarano be purchased for a suitable radius. This technique is called Vejarano Multiring.

Multiple sizes and selection radios
All models are available in KERATACx ™ 45 °, 90 °, 120 °, 160 °, 210 ° and 320 ° which allows precise correction of all types of diopter corneal topographies.

Multiple thicknesses
All KERATACx ™ models are available from 100 microns (100μ) to 350 microns (350μ) in increments (25μ). Additionally all model has different positions for the holes in the rings allowing easy handling.
Samples are available by contacting KERATACx ™ o

For more information:

Vejarano Diamond Knife
The Vejarano Diamond Knife has unique design was created in conjunction with Dr. Manuel Vejarano in Vejarano Laser Vision Center in Mexico, and is designed for implantation of corneal segments to complement the revolutionary Keratacx Vejarano Delaminator System.

Made from 100% titanium with a handle perpendicular micrometer with two platforms, this knife uses a natural diamond and single cut slope, which ensures accurate and secure accurate incision. The Diamond knife Vejarano allows the surgeon a perfect architecture in the incision to the use of Vejarano Delaminator System and implementing Keratacx corneal segments.

If you or your clinic perform surgery of keratoconus, the diamond knife of Vejarano like the Vejarano Delaminator System, IMT'S Keratacx, Keratacx Plus, Super Plus, and Keratacx "V" are designed to get better results in such proceedings increasing the number of surgeries and therefore more income for the surgeon and the clinic.

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