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Honorary Member of Rotary International

Dr. Vejarano is appointed Honorary Rotarian by Rotary International along with members of his team thanks to the selfless work of helping the community. His desire to deliver unmatched, constant dedication and humility make Dr. Vejarano a worthy member, and especially honorable desire to serve. Not only has supported poor people, but also leads and directs the program to eradicate cataract blindness in our country beginning in the State of Mexico, the program has changed the lives of thousands of families. Thanks to people like Rotarians and Dr. Vejarano today as thousands of people see the light. Thank you!

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Laser Vision is the only Eye Clinic federally accredited by the Ministry of Health.
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Hello, Welcome to Laser Vision!

Vejarano Laser Vision & Vejarano Cosmetic  It is an institute recognized internationally established to provide first class services in ophthalmology, plastic and reconstructive surgery. It offers comprehensive services in all pathologies, this will allow you to find everything in one place without having to travel to Mexico City.

We have a staff physician ophthalmologists, specialists, subspecialists  and plastic surgeons recognized nationally and internationally for its excellent medical practice and scientific contributions to developments in surgical treatments. Laser Vision is the best alternative, we are the "experts eye problems" and this is supported by the volume of patients we handle and a success rate of 100% satisfaction.

We invite you to approach us and "see" with their own eyes the quality of service.

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